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If you are experiencing leaks, can see cracked tiles or the mortar around your ridge capping is coming loose, it could be time to restore! Tile roofs become porous once their protective coating has worn away.


If you can see nails coming loose, your roof sheets lifting or patches of rust developing, it could be time to restore! It's never too early to get a hold on corrosion.


Are your decra tiles looking bare? Are they dented and pooling water? If could be time to restore! The stone chip coating does more than look pretty, it's protecting the metal tiles underneath. 


We have a range of specialist waterproofing membranes, designed specifically for restoring flat roofs. Get in touch for more info.  

Our Restoration Process.

  • Tile

  • Metal

  • Decramastic

  • Flat



Our first step is to replace any materials which are past the point of no return. Broken tiles, heavily corroded metals & loose fixings will all be replaced at this stage to ensure the roof is watertight prior to our high pressure cleaning.

 If there's moss & mould present on your roof, we will treat this now to aid with the cleaning process.



Preparing your roof for painting requires a high pressure clean to remove all dirt & grime, complete gutter clean is included as part of the process. It's a dirty job, but we're sure to leave your property as clean and tidy as when we arrived.

This is an ideal time to add a property soft-wash to really add to your curb appeal.



This is where we really stand out from the crowd! Ensuring that all weak points have been repaired prior to painting is essential to a strong, long lasting roof.

Every roof is different requiring an individual approach, but there are a common list off issues associated with older roofs. From flexible mortar compounds to strengthen tile roofs, to industrial anti-corrosive membranes for metal roofs; we combine traditional roofing techniques and latest technologies to combat these common faults.



We have a specialized primer for each roof style; replacing the worn protective coating and to provide maximum adhesion for our top coats. If the roof surface is particularly rough we may apply an additional high-build primer here to create a smoother surface, helping to prevent build ups of dirt & grime. We always finish with two top coats of our UV resistant roof coating, in a colour of your choice. Our complete coating system keeps your roof protected & looking great - guaranteed for 10 years!

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What they say.



"Phil and his team have done a brilliant job and were super friendly, professional and communicative throughout. I was concerned this would be a big, expensive job but he was very reassuring and honest. I would highly recommend Rimu Roofing and will certainly be asking them to keep an eye on our roof going forwards."

Ironsand roof painting


Browns Bay

"These guys were prompt, efficient, professional and friendly. I had a leak I wanted checked out and repaired, plus a check of the overall condition of my roof. They took care to explain what was happening, where, how and when. They even took photos after, to show what had been done and urged me to follow up if there were any problems. I felt well taken care of! I strongly recommend them in future.”

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