Your roof needs a little love too.

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What we do

Clean, Maintain & Restore. 

We want your roof to look great & last another 10 years!

How? By offering a comprehensive maintenance & restoration service to make your tired roof feel like new again.

Re-roofing is an expensive and, quite often, an unnecessary task. Your roof must always be coated to protect it from the elements, over time this can get worn away. A combination of water, sunlight, debris, pooling water and moss can then begin to rust, crack, and erode your roof. Painting isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, it is the only layer of protection your roofing material has against damage and deterioration.

Our People.

Our friendly, approachable team have passion for what they do. This enthusiasm guarantees top quality customer service with a real focus on your needs.

Our Pricing.

Keeping your roof in peak condition shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. All pricing is upfront, we never go over the price on our quote.

Our Promise.

All workmanship and products used are backed up by our warranty. In the case of any issue, we will always prioritize existing customers. 

How we work

Keeping you in the loop.

1) Request A Quote

Request a quote & we'll be in touch within the next 24hrs to confirm your price, or arrange an on site inspection if required. Photo's of any problem areas will be included with the quote - we don't expect you to get up to take a look!

2) Schedule the work

Once your quote has been accepted and deposit received we will contact you to schedule the work. We always try to prioritize leaking roofs, even if it's just something temporary while we wait for materials. If you're happy for us to work anytime, we will fit you in ASAP.

3) On the day

Please leave pets indoors & windows closed. You'll receive a text message to alert you one of our staff are on their way & even be able to see them on a map. 

UPDATE: We won't knock to remain contact free.

4) follow up

Upon completion we'll send over your invoice alongside some before & after photos for your records. Now is the time to schedule regular maintenance to take advantage of advanced booking discounts. 

Working together safely through tough times. 

We are fully committed to stamping out COVID-19. We are currently closed for all work except warranty leak repairs. Once the alert level has been lowered we will implement the following procedures to keep both our staff and customers safe, until the risk is eliminated. 

  • No physical or closer than 2 meter contact with residents.
  • Contact via phone/email where possible.
  • Procedures for isolation are in place if internal works are required including managed entry and physical distancing.
  • Our team practices excellent hand cleaning and hygiene between calls in addition to following the recommended practice of good cough and sneeze etiquette.

Could I paint or repair the roof myself?

​As kiwis, we love our DIY jobs. However, your mate Dave with a silicon gun is never going to give you a quality repair, and could end up damaging your roof in the process. Our experienced professionals have been required to fix bad repairs by unqualified tradesman which have added unnecessary costs onto what was originally a simple and cheap job. We have all the equipment, tools, warranties and expertise to complete the job safely and effectively. By walking on the roof yourself, you run the risk of further damage to the existing roof and could cause a serious injury if you were to fall. You must never step on rusted sheets/tiles or clear surfaces such as skylights or clear sheeting. If cost is an issue for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can arrange a price that suits you with our no obligation evaluation.

Does my roof need restoring or replacing?

​As experts in roof restorations, we will always explore the option of preserving your original roof materials first. Re-roofing is an expensive route to go down on, and we have found most of the roofs we inspect will just need to be restored and have regular maintenance. This will be evaluated during our initial roof visit, as it will be difficult for you to see exactly how damaged the roof may be from on the ground. We specialise in repair and restoration services which will significantly extend the lifespan of your existing roof, and protect it from future wear and tear. However we pride ourselves on our honesty and customer focus. Because of this we will never pressure you to take on a re-roof unless it is absolutely necessary. If we find your roof to be beyond repair, we can point you in the right direction of a reputable provider.

​I'd like my roof painting, but does it need repairs first?

​Necessary repairs may need to be completed before the painting process to ensure it is weathertight and add years to the roof’s life. Visibly broken tiles or rusted sheets are an obvious indicator that more extensive restoration will be required. Broken or rusted flashings are also a common issue with old roofs and may cause leaks. Warped and discoloured plasterboard, stained ceiling lining and cracked paint are also signs that a leak has occurred. Early action will prevent worse problems appearing further down the line.

There is a lot of rust on my roof, is this a problem?

​If the rust is extensive and has caused structural damage to the sheets then yes, we may need to replace these areas. However, if what you can see is just surface rust we can prepare and treat the area. From our initial inspection, we will be able give you options about how to prevent this rust from returning using our specialised methods. If you intend to get it painted, a zinc-based primer then prevents the rust from developing or spreading before we apply the acrylic topcoat in a colour of your choice.

Is there anything you can't repair?

​While we will make repairs where necessary, we do not undertake full re-roofs. Meaning you will not be pushed into an expensive full scale overhaul where not required.

​How long does roof painting take?

​In most cases, the work will be completed within 4 days. This includes a final inspection of your roof.

​How much will it cost to paint my roof?

​The price will depend on the size & condition of your roof. Most roofs will cost between $3200 - $4800.

Why should I choose Rimu Roofing?

​We have always delivered exactly what we promised; a high quality roof restoration, on time and at a great price. The products we use are industry leading applied to a high standard. We keep our costs low and don’t employ any salespeople or middlemen. We are a small, close-knit team whose primary focus is to add value to your most important asset.

​Do I need to be at home while you work?

​No, we prefer to work during times that would cause the least disruption to you and your neighbours. However we may need access to power outlet for the machinery, which we can discuss with you during the consultation.


What they say.



"Phil and his team have done a brilliant job and were super friendly, professional and communicative throughout. I was concerned this would be a big, expensive job but he was very reassuring and honest. I would highly recommend Rimu Roofing and will certainly be asking them to keep an eye on our roof going forwards."

Ironsand roof painting


Browns Bay

"These guys were prompt, efficient, professional and friendly. I had a leak I wanted checked out and repaired, plus a check of the overall condition of my roof. They took care to explain what was happening, where, how and when. They even took photos after, to show what had been done and urged me to follow up if there were any problems. I felt well taken care of! I strongly recommend them in future.”

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