We are pleased to announce our recent collaboration with Nutech Paint. We have always considered Nutech Paint to be of the highest quality, so you can understand how proud we are to be the exclusive applicators for the greater Auckland area. From January 2019 you will be able to chose from the extensive colour range offered. Take a look!


Nutech paint has been used to restore over 1 million roofs worldwide and are considered to be the industry leaders with over 45 years of product development under their belt. Their products are the result of continuous improvement to meet the ever changing construction industry. Like us, they have a strong focus on reducing waste and also to produce roof coatings with low/zero VOC (Volatile organic compounds) emissions. The coatings are proven to perform effectively on metal, concrete tile, decramastic, and flat roofs in any condition the Auckland weather throws at it.


What does this mean for you?

We have a whole new range of products to restore your tired roof.

  • Tileflex is an advanced roof coating system that puts your standard acrylic paint to shame. It works by using nanotechnology and UV light resistance to maintain that ‘new paint look’ for years to come.
  • NXT Cool Zone is an additional roof coating system which could save you thousands on your power bill. This coating uses heat reflecting properties to lower surface temperature and keep your interior spaces cool during summer.
  • Additionally we have a selection of new high-performance primers, and rubberised or glass spray coatings you’ll have to see to believe!

These are not only backed by our standard Rimu Roofing warranty. Nutech Paints offers FULL labour and material warranties from 8-12 years if you have your roof restored by a registered applicator (That’s us!).



Get in contact today for a free roof inspection. One of our friendly experts will be able to advise you on the best plan of action. If you’re curious about which Nutech shade would suit your roof, we can send you a colour chart in the post to help with the decision. Alternatively, use the handy colour simulator to imagine what your home will look like after the makeover!