Nutech Coating System

We’re Aucklands Exclusive Applicator of Nutech Roof Coatings

Founded in 1972, Nutech Paint has grown to become a respected name amongst tradesmen, builders & developers and handymen in the know. With over 1,000,000 roofs restored world wide, Nutech Paint are world leaders in the field of Roof Restoration.

For over 45 years Nutech Paint has been at the forefront of the Roof Coating Technology worldwide. With products like NXT Cool Zone™ Infrared Heat Reflective coating, and TileFlex 2000™ both Enhanced with Self-Cleaning Nano-Technology, Nutech Paint Roof Coating Range has stood the test of time since 1972.

Don’t trust your most valuable asset (your home!) to just anyone. Two important factors to consider for a long lasting restoration;

1: The trusted person/company undertaking the work.

2: The products been used and applied to your roof.


You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing what make it is. Or reviewing the quality. Why would you trust a company or roofer who has no literature, testing or even a brochure proving the quality of the product been used on your roof?

With specially formulated primers and sealers for all roofing surfaces – coupling adhesion and cross-linking promotion technology. Nutech provides the sound base for years of critical locked in success. Adding to this, are formulated top-coating products. Nutech provides extreme weather resistance, durable and proven systems that stand the test of time. In fact Nutech Paint will guarantees all applications when installed by a Nutech Registered Applicator, with a full labor and material warranty for up to 12 years.  

nutech colour chart