August 9


The Limitations of DIY Roof Painting

By Phil

August 9, 2018

We’re a nation of home renovation ‘experts’. Any chance to spend a weekend cracking into that maintenance to-do list – we’re onto it. With affordable tools now on the market the possibilities seem endless. With that in mind, would it surprise you that tens of thousands of us make an ACC claim for DIY related injuries every single year?

If you’ve ever watched The Block and thought “Yeah, I could do that”, consider the following points before thinking about undertaking work on your roof;

  • There’s the risk for serious injury  –  And we’re not talking about a stubbed finger from poorly executed hammering here. A fall from even single story roof (Height at the apex may be around 5m for recent builds) onto your back or neck could have dire consequences to your wellbeing. Not only would even lesser injury cause a loss of income, but also quality of life from being unable to look after your family. Also, ACC claims of this nature cost the taxpayer millions every year. You might save couple of thousand this way, but just think about the human cost if it were to go wrong.


  • You’re probably not as agile as you think  –  If you’ve ever walked or driven over wet moss before you’ll know it’s an extreme slippery surface. The same goes with the moss on your roof. The reason we insist on a deep clean beforehand is not just to create a tidy surface for the coats of paint, it’s also to aid in the safety of our tradesmen walking around at that height. In 2014 there were over 1000 claims made from roofers injuring themselves on the job. These guys are the professionals who have better tools and much more experience then a weekend DIY’er, and they still experience injury. Roofers will have the equipment (eg. fall arrest system, edge protection, masks, gloves) designed to protect themselves from falls, cuts and strains as standard.


  • You could cause further problems and void your insurance policy  –  If you read the small print in many of NZ’s top home insurance providers, you’ll notice most specify they do not cover purposeful damage to your home. This is primarily referring to removing areas of the roof material resulting in water damage – it’s just not covered. Especially those who have Decramastic or Metal tile roofing, there is a very high risk of damaging tiles by just walking on them without prior experience. This will cause a pooling of water on the roof surface which must be fixed immediately. If you were to damage your roof even further, are you certain you would be able to find and install replacement tiles in time before it causes permanent damage to your home? The risk is just too high.


  • Lastly, will the roof realistically ever be fixed? – Owning your own home comes with a never ending list of new challenges required to maintaining it. The roof’s issues may go ignored throughout the summer months when there is minimal rainfall. However when the rain kicks again, it may already be too late. The “I’ll get to that eventually” attitude when faced with a leaky and rusting roof is dangerous one. We had a client recently who noticed birds building nests in his valley, which caused a rusty hole to form there over a few years. This hole kept growing in size and allowed rain to continuously flow into the soffit. After a few years putting it off , they decided to call us and the new valley was fitted within 2 days. It was a big job that could have been prevented, but ultimately they had to accept that the problem wasn’t just going to go away. Early intervention is always paramount when it comes to your roof.


For a high quality, fast, and safe solution to roof restoration, always leave it to the professionals. This will give peace of mind to you and your family, and ensure your home is protected.

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