August 9


Summer is Coming!

By Phil

August 9, 2018

The first week of November has been and gone, and now the sun has finally decided to show up to the party. This is the perfect time to engage with a roofing professional to begin that necessary maintenance work or a complete makeover of your roof. You may have noticed the last two Auckland winters have been particularly brutal weather wise. The roof painting industry has really been feeling the burn, as even a small shower can compromise the safety on-site and the quality of the paint job.

Although there may not be any immediate signs of damage to your roof, the long winters can really take their toll.

  • Organic debris is often the most common case of winter damage, especially if you have trees with a canopy less than a few meters away. After a particularly heavy storm with strong winds it is recommended that you inspect the roof for any visibly cracked tiles or branches, from the ground (with binoculars if possible). If you suspect any damage has occurred, please contact a professional to come and take a look. It’s easy to forget about the condition our roof (as it’s your neighbours who are looking at it everyday!) but even small leak will always become a big problem later on.
  • This debris will eventually be washed down then settle in your gutters and flashings. Left uncleared, these clogs absorb moisture resulting in water pooling and severe rust damage to valleys and other flashings. With the soaked-up water to weigh it down you may experience breakages in the gutter itself. And If you’re one of the 10% of kiwis who collect rainwater, a regular roof wash is essential.

Rimu offer a no-obligation visit from one of our friendly roofing professionals to reassure you that your roof is in a good condition. We can help inspect any damage to your roof and give you comprehensive overview of what work needs doing. And with every job, the gutters and roof surface are thoroughly cleaned to avoid the debris build-up.

Summer has always been our busiest time. While you’ve taken your family to the Coromandel or Fiji for a well deserved Christmas break holiday, we’re still here in Auckland making the most of the long sunny days. If November is the month of spring cleaning in your household, why not give the exterior makeover while you’re at it. Considering the roof makes up half the visual impact of the building, you’d be surprised by the compliments you’ll receive from a freshly painted roof at your next summer barbecue.

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