October 3


Roof Painting vs Roof Restoration.

By Phil

October 3, 2019

‘Roof Painting’ & ‘Roof Restoration’ are two terms are used somewhat interchangeably within our industry, however there are some important differences to be aware of.

Your roof is crucial to the weather tightness of your home, and due to the many different roofing profiles, should only be accessed by an experienced roofer. A foot in the wrong place could cause a leak leading to costly damage.

An untrained eye may miss important essential maintenance items. Which once painted, are no longer visible. This makes identifying issues in the future far more difficult. This also compromises the safety of anyone accessing the roof in the future, should a weakened area be painted over without the necessary repairs. It is therefore important to not only repair current leaks, but to be able to identify and repair developing issues.

For this reason, a regular interior/exterior painter may not be the best approach for your roof. But at the same time, most roofers are not skilled painters. The specialised techniques required to ensure a long lasting, protective coating require much experience.


Roof painting


The best choice is a company that specialises in complete roof restorations. With workers trained in all aspects of the restoration process you can be assured your roof is getting the attention it needs. Any professional team will have a checklist to ensure all maintenance issues are evaluated prior to concealing the roof.

Another consideration should be the product used to coat your roof. Your roof is vulnerable to the harshest of weather conditions. With the ultra-strong UV rays we must contend with here in New Zealand, a specially formulated roof coating system will first re-enforce the roofing materials, before protecting with a UV resistant top coat. We will go into more detail about roof coating products in another blog post.

Some warranties may only be backed if the applicator is still in business. This should cause concern given the product is guaranteed to last 10 years. We are proud to be Aucklands exclusive applicator of Nutech roof paints, who back up our guarantee for the duration, should we go out of business (we’re not going anywhere!). Nutech have been one of the worlds leading roof coating suppliers for 45 years, the coating is proven and they will be around to back it up.

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