Got a Leak?

​If you notice damp on your ceiling or walls, or even worse, water dripping from above. It's best to get it checked out right away. ​​​Common DIY methods and products such as silicone are a just a temporary fix which will not withstand the harsh Auckland weather. Our experienced professionals have the know-how needed to repair your concrete tile, decramastic, metal tile, butynol or longrun metal roof. We use commercial grade products on our residential roof repairs, so you can feel assured that our solutions are proven to perform in adverse weather conditions.


The best thing you can do for your roof is get it repaired right, first time, because ignoring that persistent leak is just putting off the inevitable. When the water tightness of your roof is compromised you’re looking at the possibility of wet insulation, rotting roof battens, sagging ceiling linings and further water damage to your home. ​


​​We regularly repair.


​Replace flashings

​Cracked tiles

​Skylights & Penetrations

​Rust ​

​Pointing & Bedding


​DIY repairs

​As with your other assets, your roof needs regular maintenance and care. The most effective step in combating leaks and deterioration is to have your roof restored by a restoration expert as a preventative measure. If an issue arises due to an ageing roof, it's very likely that this will continue unless action is taken to preserve the roof’s integrity. Additionally, having a regular roof inspection by us at Rimu Roofing will ensure that you are keeping on top of necessary maintenance and securing your roof’s lifespan. Enjoy the peace of mind of retaining a dry, healthy, and happy home for your loved ones by leaving the hard work to us.

​Why choose us?


  • ​Top quality customer service with a real focus on your needs. If you need someone to show up on time, we’re the ones to call.   
  • ​Roof maintenance shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. We​'re committed to ​providing ​a cost-effective solution​ & never go over ​the quoted price.
  • ​We only use the best materials for your job. All products are industry leading & proven to perform in our changeable climate.
  • ​We take pride in ​being low waste​. ​Re-using and recycling most of our materials and waste to preserve our clean, green New Zealand.


  • ​If it's time to replace, it's time to replace. There is a limit to what we can repair.


​You're ​in good hands.

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