Roof Painting vs Roof Restoration.

‘Roof Painting’ & ‘Roof Restoration’ are two terms are used somewhat interchangeably within our industry, however there are some important differences to be aware of.

Your roof is crucial to the weather tightness of your home, and due to the many different roofing profiles, should only be accessed by an experienced roofer. A foot in the wrong place could cause a leak leading to costly damage.

An untrained eye may miss important essential maintenance items. Which once painted, are no longer visible. This makes identifying issues in the future far more difficult. This also compromises the safety of anyone accessing the roof in the future, should a weakened area be painted over without the necessary repairs. It is therefore important to not only repair current leaks, but to be able to identify and repair developing issues.

For this reason, a regular interior/exterior painter may not be the best approach for your roof. But at the same time, most roofers are not skilled painters. The specialised techniques required to ensure a long lasting, protective coating require much experience.


Roof painting


The best choice is a company that specialises in complete roof restorations. With workers trained in all aspects of the restoration process you can be assured your roof is getting the attention it needs. Any professional team will have a checklist to ensure all maintenance issues are evaluated prior to concealing the roof.

Another consideration should be the product used to coat your roof. Your roof is vulnerable to the harshest of weather conditions. With the ultra-strong UV rays we must contend with here in New Zealand, a specially formulated roof coating system will first re-enforce the roofing materials, before protecting with a UV resistant top coat. We will go into more detail about roof coating products in another blog post.

Some warranties may only be backed if the applicator is still in business. This should cause concern given the product is guaranteed to last 10 years. We are proud to be Aucklands exclusive applicator of Nutech roof paints, who back up our guarantee for the duration, should we go out of business (we’re not going anywhere!). Nutech have been one of the worlds leading roof coating suppliers for 45 years, the coating is proven and they will be around to back it up.

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Why is it important to practice regular gutter maintenance?

Gutter cleaning is one of those annoying obligations that always gets overlooked. Despite being an important part of your home’s roofing system, most people are surprised to hear when their gutters are causing the damage to their roof and cladding. Are you the type of homeowner that;

  • Has the professionals clean and flush your gutters yearly?

  • Uses a DIY approach to gutter cleaning once a year? Or..

  • Does nothing about it and hopes for the best?


This roof in Balmoral needed all gutters hand scooped of dirt, grass and moss

The easiest and most effective way to stay on top of essential gutter cleaning is to have a maintenance package that includes a yearly clean and flush. If you prefer to try it yourself remember your gutters need to be cleaned at least once a year, and twice a year for homes near tall trees to ensure there is no chance of a blockage. Especially If you collect your own drinking water or have internal gutters you must always prioritise regular maintenance. This is absolutely essential to keep your family safe and protect your assets from water damage.


For those of you who have the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude, we have some bad news for you. Blocked gutters are one of the leading causes of roof damage and leaks! For example, we had a customer recently who was shocked to find water streaming from her light fittings every time it rained. After repairing the concrete and butanol roofs one leak still persisted. We discovered that whenever there was a storm, the wind would blow water from an overflowing box gutter to behind the fascia. We then removed all debris and cleaned and flushed the gutters to prevent the leak from occurring


Damage can come in the form of rusted roof sheets, a leaking ceiling or soffit, sagging gutters, mould, and even warped and stained wall cladding. The cladding has not been designed to withstand a constant waterfall thus being exposed to excessive moisture can cause expensive and unnecessary damage. Usually this is caused by debris buildups (leaves, old roof material, frisbees) blocking the water flow. However a poor gutter design will need to be rectified by a professional or else the problem will persist indefinitely! You especially want to avoid your gutters holding pooling water, which can attract vermin and other nasties.


Moisture damage and mould can result from a gutter left untreated.

What can I do if I want to prevent roof and gutter damage but am short on time?

Many of our customers are now opting for the stress-free approach to their gutters and are signing up for an annual/bi-annual gutter maintenance package. At Rimu Roofing we have affordable options and addons such as an initial waterblast and moss treatment to your gutters, cladding or paths. Get us to check out your gutter health with a no obligation inspection!

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Announcing our collaboration with Nutech Paint!

We are pleased to announce our recent collaboration with Nutech Paint. We have always considered Nutech Paint to be of the highest quality, so you can understand how proud we are to be the exclusive applicators for the greater Auckland area. From January 2019 you will be able to chose from the extensive colour range offered. Take a look!


Nutech paint has been used to restore over 1 million roofs worldwide and are considered to be the industry leaders with over 45 years of product development under their belt. Their products are the result of continuous improvement to meet the ever changing construction industry. Like us, they have a strong focus on reducing waste and also to produce roof coatings with low/zero VOC (Volatile organic compounds) emissions. The coatings are proven to perform effectively on metal, concrete tile, decramastic, and flat roofs in any condition the Auckland weather throws at it.


What does this mean for you?

We have a whole new range of products to restore your tired roof.

  • Tileflex is an advanced roof coating system that puts your standard acrylic paint to shame. It works by using nanotechnology and UV light resistance to maintain that ‘new paint look’ for years to come.
  • NXT Cool Zone is an additional roof coating system which could save you thousands on your power bill. This coating uses heat reflecting properties to lower surface temperature and keep your interior spaces cool during summer.
  • Additionally we have a selection of new high-performance primers, and rubberised or glass spray coatings you’ll have to see to believe!

These are not only backed by our standard Rimu Roofing warranty. Nutech Paints offers FULL labour and material warranties from 8-12 years if you have your roof restored by a registered applicator (That’s us!).



Get in contact today for a free roof inspection. One of our friendly experts will be able to advise you on the best plan of action. If you’re curious about which Nutech shade would suit your roof, we can send you a colour chart in the post to help with the decision. Alternatively, use the handy colour simulator to imagine what your home will look like after the makeover!

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4 Roof Maintenance Tips

Our houses are our pride and joy and we spend many hours making sure they look their best. But very often we forget perhaps the most important part, the roof!

A sharp, well maintained roof can make your house look well cared for and helps to increase its value. A badly looked
after roof can have the opposite effect, giving a poor impression, causing a decrease in value and having a detrimental effect when it comes to selling.

And let’s not forget the roof’s primary function is to protect us, our family and our belongings, so giving it the attention it deserves will result in a long and happy life. For your roof and your family!

So what should you be doing to keep your roof in great condition? Read our 4 top tips to get you started and help your roof look its best, all year round!

Regular checks all year round



One of the most important things you can do for your roof is to get into the habit of performing maintenance on a regular basis.

Rather than waiting for problems to build up, resulting in a costly repair job, stay on top of things with regular checks throughout the year.

Get into a routine of doing a general ‘walk round’ at least once a month, and increase frequency after particularly ‘heavy weather’ or seasons such as Autumn, when more debris is likely to collect.

Look out for any damage, or any debris that may be on the ground surrounding your home. If you come across anything unusual, call in the experts for a closer look.

Remove debris




Clean your gutters routinely. When trees shed their leaves, the first place they’ll end up is on your roof, so making sure you keep them at bay will pay dividends in the long run.

Check gutters and downspouts, again, particularly after storms and increase in Autumn to suit the season. Check for breaks or gaps and make sure that the brackets holding the gutters against the house are secure.

Inspect the attic




The attic is the first place you’re likely to spot a leak, so if you have access to one, get in there on a regular basis and take a good look around.

Look out for staining, streaks or water damage. Also keep an eye out for changes in the wood, which could be sign of insect or animal activity. Be careful when you head up there and if necessary, call in the experts to lend a hand.

Schedule a professional inspection

Getting a professional to check your roof once a year is one of the best things you can do for your home and your family. They know exactly what to look for and are equipped to carry out all repairs and checks safely and with the appropriate tools.

They can quickly assess what work needs to be done and agree a price and plan with you to get the work done.


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Choosing What Colour to Paint your Roof.

Painting your roof is a great way to add value and a new life to your home. But what colour
should you choose? There are a number of factors to consider from the climate to exterior walls
and how to get prepared. Read on for some great tips!

Match your surroundings




Matching your home to your surrounding landscape is a great idea. Especially important if you’re in a rural setting. To blend seamlessly into your back yard, go for more earthy, natural tones like olive greens or muted browns.

If you’re by the sea in a light and sunny environment, why not add some interest with a pop of fresh, bright colour like bright blue or coral? For those in a more urban setting, it’s worth taking a look at what the neighbours are up to.

If everyone in the street has a green roof, doing the same will keep the street cohesive. But if you’re a risk taker and fancy making a statement, this could be your opportunity to go it alone!

Consider the climate




The colour of our roof can affect the temperature inside, so it’s certainly worth thinking about what sort of region you live in before making your final decision. Are you in a sunny spot like the Bay of Plenty or Nelson? Or are you at the cold end of those Wellington winds in winter time?

Dark colours tend to absorb more sun and heat, so if you’re in one of our warmer regions plump for lighter colours like sand, beige and white to regulate the temperature inside.

If you’re in a cooler climate, feel free to go for darker colours like black, charcoal or brown and keep things warm and cosy whatever the weather!

Compliment your exterior walls




Are your exterior walls a light or dark colour? Do you want the roof to contrast with them or be complimentary? Homes with white exterior walls can look striking with a dark roof.

Equally beige exteriors can look elegant when paired with a brown roof. Check colour wheels for information on contrasting and complimentary colours.

Do your research

Get some inspiration from wherever you can. Take a walk around your local neighbourhood and take some photos of what you like and don’t like. Buy some home and garden magazines and create some mood boards.

Or just hop online and see what you can find. There are plenty of great, free apps and websites that will let you try some options before you buy.

And if you’re really stuck, talk to an expert about past projects and get some professional, inside info!

Get prepared

Before you take the leap and give your roof a new lease of life, make sure it’s good to go. Get a professional to give it the once over and make sure all broken or missing tiles have been replaced.

By making sure your roof is ‘paint ready’ you’ll save a whole heap of time and money in the long run. Rimu Roofing can help out with a roof assessment before you take the plunge.


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The Limitations of DIY Roof Painting

We’re a nation of home renovation ‘experts’. Any chance to spend a weekend cracking into that maintenance to-do list – we’re onto it. With affordable tools now on the market the possibilities seem endless. With that in mind, would it surprise you that tens of thousands of us make an ACC claim for DIY related injuries every single year?

If you’ve ever watched The Block and thought “Yeah, I could do that”, consider the following points before thinking about undertaking work on your roof;

  • There’s the risk for serious injury  –  And we’re not talking about a stubbed finger from poorly executed hammering here. A fall from even single story roof (Height at the apex may be around 5m for recent builds) onto your back or neck could have dire consequences to your wellbeing. Not only would even lesser injury cause a loss of income, but also quality of life from being unable to look after your family. Also, ACC claims of this nature cost the taxpayer millions every year. You might save couple of thousand this way, but just think about the human cost if it were to go wrong.


  • You’re probably not as agile as you think  –  If you’ve ever walked or driven over wet moss before you’ll know it’s an extreme slippery surface. The same goes with the moss on your roof. The reason we insist on a deep clean beforehand is not just to create a tidy surface for the coats of paint, it’s also to aid in the safety of our tradesmen walking around at that height. In 2014 there were over 1000 claims made from roofers injuring themselves on the job. These guys are the professionals who have better tools and much more experience then a weekend DIY’er, and they still experience injury. Roofers will have the equipment (eg. fall arrest system, edge protection, masks, gloves) designed to protect themselves from falls, cuts and strains as standard.


  • You could cause further problems and void your insurance policy  –  If you read the small print in many of NZ’s top home insurance providers, you’ll notice most specify they do not cover purposeful damage to your home. This is primarily referring to removing areas of the roof material resulting in water damage – it’s just not covered. Especially those who have Decramastic or Metal tile roofing, there is a very high risk of damaging tiles by just walking on them without prior experience. This will cause a pooling of water on the roof surface which must be fixed immediately. If you were to damage your roof even further, are you certain you would be able to find and install replacement tiles in time before it causes permanent damage to your home? The risk is just too high.


  • Lastly, will the roof realistically ever be fixed? – Owning your own home comes with a never ending list of new challenges required to maintaining it. The roof’s issues may go ignored throughout the summer months when there is minimal rainfall. However when the rain kicks again, it may already be too late. The “I’ll get to that eventually” attitude when faced with a leaky and rusting roof is dangerous one. We had a client recently who noticed birds building nests in his valley, which caused a rusty hole to form there over a few years. This hole kept growing in size and allowed rain to continuously flow into the soffit. After a few years putting it off , they decided to call us and the new valley was fitted within 2 days. It was a big job that could have been prevented, but ultimately they had to accept that the problem wasn’t just going to go away. Early intervention is always paramount when it comes to your roof.


For a high quality, fast, and safe solution to roof restoration, always leave it to the professionals. This will give peace of mind to you and your family, and ensure your home is protected.

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Summer is Coming!

The first week of November has been and gone, and now the sun has finally decided to show up to the party. This is the perfect time to engage with a roofing professional to begin that necessary maintenance work or a complete makeover of your roof. You may have noticed the last two Auckland winters have been particularly brutal weather wise. The roof painting industry has really been feeling the burn, as even a small shower can compromise the safety on-site and the quality of the paint job.

Although there may not be any immediate signs of damage to your roof, the long winters can really take their toll.

  • Organic debris is often the most common case of winter damage, especially if you have trees with a canopy less than a few meters away. After a particularly heavy storm with strong winds it is recommended that you inspect the roof for any visibly cracked tiles or branches, from the ground (with binoculars if possible). If you suspect any damage has occurred, please contact a professional to come and take a look. It’s easy to forget about the condition our roof (as it’s your neighbours who are looking at it everyday!) but even small leak will always become a big problem later on.
  • This debris will eventually be washed down then settle in your gutters and flashings. Left uncleared, these clogs absorb moisture resulting in water pooling and severe rust damage to valleys and other flashings. With the soaked-up water to weigh it down you may experience breakages in the gutter itself. And If you’re one of the 10% of kiwis who collect rainwater, a regular roof wash is essential.

Rimu offer a no-obligation visit from one of our friendly roofing professionals to reassure you that your roof is in a good condition. We can help inspect any damage to your roof and give you comprehensive overview of what work needs doing. And with every job, the gutters and roof surface are thoroughly cleaned to avoid the debris build-up.

Summer has always been our busiest time. While you’ve taken your family to the Coromandel or Fiji for a well deserved Christmas break holiday, we’re still here in Auckland making the most of the long sunny days. If November is the month of spring cleaning in your household, why not give the exterior makeover while you’re at it. Considering the roof makes up half the visual impact of the building, you’d be surprised by the compliments you’ll receive from a freshly painted roof at your next summer barbecue.

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